TEA operation flow

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(1) Preparation of materials: preparation of materials: nerve electrical stimulation equipment, gauze, electrode sheets, scrub, conductive paste.

(2) Skin preparation:

1 Positioning: Zusanli, Neiguan

2 Handling the skin:

1. Shave all the hair in the electrode placement area

2. Gently rub the marked area with a scrub to remove dead skin and cause skin redness

3. Wipe off excess scrub

4. Apply a small amount of medical conductive paste to the electrode placement area, wait for one minute for the skin to absorb, wipe off the excess conductive paste, and attach the electrode;

(3) Adjust the instrument and connect

1 adjustment instrument

Press "+", "-" to adjust, first adjust the value to the lowest

Connecting the instrument;

2 Ask the patient to feel:

Whether there is pain, if there is pain, you can reduce the value;

There is no sense of knocking of "咚咚", if there is, and the user has no other discomfort, it can be used.

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