Electrogastrogram operation procedure

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(1) Preparation of materials: electrogastrogram, computer, gauze, electrode sheet, scrub, conductive paste.

(2) Instrument preparation:

    Turn on the computer, connect the gastric electrical instrument, open the electrogastrogram software, add the patient, and save.

(3) Skin preparation:

    1, gastric mapping positioning:

    There are a total of 6 positions, 1, 2, 3, 4 leads, as well as the reference electrode REF and the ground electrode GND. The specific location is as follows:


Reference electrode 1/REF: located below the scalp of the body surface

3 lead: at the midpoint of the reference electrode and navel

4 lead: 2-3cm on the right side of the 3 lead

1 lead: located at the left upper 45° angle of the 3 lead and the reference electrode level

2 lead: located at the midpoint of the 3-way and 1-lead connections;

Ground electrode 1 / GND: located at the horizontal rib arch on the left side of the 3 guide;

  ECG positioning:

There are three positions: one apex part (for the signal electrode), one reference electrode, one ground electrode

Apical part: 0.5~1.0cm inside the midline of the left intercostal clavicle

Reference electrode 2: second intercostal space on the right edge of the sternum

Ground electrode 2: right rib arch

 2, prepare the skin:

1 shave all the hair in the electrode placement area;

2 gently rub the marked area with a scrub to remove dead skin and cause skin redness;

3 wipe off the excess scrub

4 Apply a small amount of medical conductive paste to the electrode placement area, wait for one minute for the skin to absorb, wipe off the excess conductive paste, and attach the electrode;

5 skin preparation is complete.

(4) Patient preparation

   Before the operation, the patient rests for 5-10 minutes, explaining the precautions in the operation to the subject: unable to move, can't talk, listen to music, read, can't fall asleep, and so on. Take the supine position and wait for detection.

(5) Operation

   Connect the lead and cover the patient with a quilt or clothing to prevent cold.

   Observe the electrogastrogram on the computer for at least 2 minutes, and check the patient every 10 minutes to prevent the lead from falling off and the map is messy;

Time for electrogastrogram: at least 30 minutes before meals, at least 30 minutes after meals; meal requirements: for experiments, according to experimental requirements. The standard meal is generally 450 calories, and the fat content is not more than 35%. Take Zhangzhou People's Hospital as an example: 5 small breads (Sanhui Maifeng) + 100ml mineral water + 1 ham sausage (Shuanghui)

(6) End of operation: save the data, remove the lead, electrode sheets, and make the bed.


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