Congratulations on the Mida 2019 Sino-US Gastrointestinal Power Clinical Diagnosis held in Wuhan

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"The Yellow Crane Tower is blowing a jade flute, and Jiangcheng is flying in May." Recently, the annual Wuhan Concord International Digestive Disease Congress has arrived in Jiangcheng. In order to further promote the exchange and cooperation in clinical and scientific research in the field of gastrointestinal motility, Mida Medical held a special session during the conference--"2019 Sino-US Gastrointestinal Power Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Solution Seminar and Meida Digestive Tract Dynamic Testing System" Clinical diagnosis and treatment training class - the second multi-disciplinary user sharing meeting of the company. The meeting coincided with the rainy weather in Wuhan, but the wonderful lectures of the scholars at the venue and the enthusiastic discussion of the guests were enough to dispel all the haze.



First of all, this meeting was delivered by Professor Hou Xiaohua, the chairman of the conference. In his speech, Professor Hou proposed that the clinical solution of gastrointestinal motility has always been the focus of doctors' attention, and it is also difficult. It is also expected that delegates will gain something from this meeting. The conference was divided into four topics: the topic of gastrointestinal dynamics clinical diagnosis and treatment, the topic of gastroesophageal reflux disease surgery dialogue, the standardization of gastrointestinal motility room, and the topic of gastrointestinal motility research. The above four topics are interlocking, layer by layer. Progressively, bring an audio-visual feast to the audience.


Speech by Professor Hou Xiaohua

Then, it is the wonderful lecture. Professor Xiao Yinglian from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Duan Zhijun from the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Professor Zhang Nina from Nanjing Gulou Hospital, Professor Wu Jimin from the Rocket General Hospital, Professor Zhao Jiangning from Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Professor Xiang Xuelian from Wuhan Union Hospital, Wuhan Professor Zhang Xiaoyu from Concord Hospital, Professor Pikov from MediPace Inc, Professor Guo Jie from Wuhan First Hospital, Professor Song Yuqing from Cleveland Medical Center, and Professor Chen Jiande from John Hopkins Hospital gave high-level lectures. The audience applauded and the guests invited mobile phones. Record important content.

In addition, this meeting also invited Professor Zhao Hong, the first hospital of Wuhan, Professor Yan Guangjun of Jingzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Professor Mei Qingtao of WISCO General Hospital as the special experts.


Professor Xiaoying Ying gave a lecture entitled "Clinical Research and Application of Upper Digestive Tract Dynamic Testing"


Professor Duan Zhijun gave a lecture titled "Clinical Research and Application of Upper Digestive Tract Dynamic Testing"


Professor Zhang Nina gave a lecture titled "Application of HREM in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Loss


Professor Wu Jimin gave a lecture titled "GERD Specialist Diagnosis and Treatment Path and Development Prospects"


Professor Zhao Jiangning gave a lecture titled "Thinking about the value of high-resolution esophageal pressure measurement in the diagnosis and treatment of hiatal hernia"


Lecture to Professor Xuelian entitled "Clinical Application Specifications for HD Esophageal Manometry and Reflux Monitoring"


Professor Zhang Xiaoyu gave a lecture entitled "Operational Specifications for HD Esophageal Manometry"


Professor Pikov gave a lecture entitled "Bioelectronic Medicine: Overview of leading biomedical industry"

Professor Guo Jie's live translation


Professor Song Yuqing gave a lecture entitled "Wearable neuromodulation for gastroparesis"


Professor Chen Jiande gave a lecture entitled "Integrative methods for GI motility research"


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